Cafe Coming to The Ethnic Study and Cowork Space

 In Downtown's Food Culture
Did somebody say “FrootLoop Tea”?!
The Ethnic Study took the opportunity to do some taste testing of their specialty tea *COMING SOON* to their cafè!
They anticipate the opening of their Cafè to be March 2021- STAY TUNED- there’s so much to be excited for…
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The Ethnic Study  space will fundamentally function as a Co-Working Space, where entrepreneurs and creatives can share in intellect and culture. To serve our community’s most marginalized members, it will be open and accessible for workshops, community events, and programming that is centered on Anti-Racism, Enrichment, and Empowerment. We believe that together with our community partners, our existence as a co-working space will heighten the economic and social fabric of our neighborhood…
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