Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at the Springfield Museums

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!
Hispanic Heritage Month is a national celebration that honors the history, culture and influence of past generations from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.
The month, September 15th to October 15th, begins midmonth because September 15th marks the independence anniversary of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.
To celebrate, The Springfield Museums will highlight Hispanic artifacts featured here, in the Museums!
The Museums wanted to first take some time to educate themselves and others on what it means to be Hispanic. A Hispanic person comes from, or is a descendant of a Spanish-speaking country. While the term Latinx is mistakenly used interchangeable with Hispanic, there is a great difference between the two. The term Latinx is the gender-neutral form of Latino or Latina and is used to refer to someone from Latin America, or is a descendant from a Latin American county.
Currently, Hispanic people make up 16.7% of the US population and are the largest minority.
The Hispanic population in Springfield is almost 39% of the city’s population. The source of this number is the MassLive article, “Census 2010: Hispanics boost Massachusetts Population” by Elizabeth Romàn, which can be found at:
We look forward to learning more this month and showcasing Hispanic artifacts displayed in the Museums!
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  • Roberto Sotomayor

    Your image/poster for Hispanic heritage month is very nice. However, I was very disappointed not to see the flag of Puerto Rico included. While Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States it is an Hispanic nation and should be included.

    Thank you.

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