Community Jam Fest at White Lion Brewing

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Join Focus Springfield for the sixth installment of their Community Jam series – the first since the covid-19 shutdown and also the first one at White Lion Brewery.
Focus Springfield values being an integral part of our arts community, and as such has partnered with Jeremy Turgeon and other local musicians to present the Community Jam. This event is welcoming to all ages and levels of skill. Come meet some new friends! Even if you aren’t a musician, come down with your friends to listen to the incredible local musicians that call Springfield home.
Provided instruments include: drum kit, electric piano, and guitar/bass amps. If you’re playing guitar or bass, bring your own but leave the amp at home. If you’re playing brass, bring your own. Sharing that would be gross.
Questions? Concerns? All the info you need can be found at If you still have questions, feel free to shoot us an email at
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