La Fiorentina’s Celebrating 75 Years in the South End

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La Fiorentina Pastry Shop has been serving New England the finest in Italian pastry, cakes and cookies since 1946.


Mayor Domenic Sarno dropped in on La Fiorentina Pastry Shop in Springfield’s South End neighborhood for their 75th anniversary Thursday.

The mayor presented Leo and Anna Daniele with the key to the city, saluting the bakery’s longevity and contribution to the city. Leo says he was deeply humbled by the honor.

“I know not that many people get this and we are so proud. Springfield gave us a home and we have fantastic customers. They deserve this as well as my family does,” said Leo.

Over the years, Mayor Sarno says he’s become quite a fan of the bakery’s pastries they’re famous for.

“I don’t care what anybody says in Boston and New York, nobody makes a better sfogliatelle or rum cake than La Fiorentina,” said Sarno as he presented a key to the city to the family.

Mayor Sarno said La Fiorentina was part of the bedrock of the South End community and wished them another 75 years of success.


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Photo from Masslive

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