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Welcome to “Living in Springfield Downtown” a new blog series where we feature residents who call downtown their home. As we continue to social distance, and stay home, we thought this would be a fun time to get to know some of our Downtown Springfield residents.

Downtown Springfield is a wonderful place to live for many reasons. There’s nothing quite like living downtown: the nightlife, the people, the hustle and bustle. Easy access to highways (91, 291, and Mass Pike), many cultural attractions in your backyard, some of the best dining options a short walk away, a diverse neighborhood, it’s close to work for a lot of people, and much more.


First up…

Name: Michael

Age: 47

Occupation: Production Manager



Q. What do you like most about living Downtown?

Michael: Being a short walk away from anything!


Q. What do you like least about living downtown?

Michael: Seeing vacant buildings


Q. Favorite Downtown Restaurant?

Michael: Chef Wayne’s Big Mamou


Q. Do you attend any events in downtown, if so what are they?

Michael: Concerts, conferences get togethers and more


Q. Have you ever attended a Springfield BID Signature event?

Michael: the Downtown Springfield Farmers’ Market, MGM live on the Plaza, and the annual Springfield Jam Fest


Q. How do you typically find out about downtown events or actives? 

Michael: usually through social media, from friends or colleagues, and flyers and signage around downtown


Q. Is there anything else you’d like add about living Downtown Springfield?

Michael:I love my city! Downtown Springfield gives me both a big city feel but with trees! I will admit that Springfield has a strange addiction with the past. As much as I love celebrating our historic features, I truly wish we would also begin embracing the future as well. Cities like Boston and Miami are great at this, mixing historic architecture with newly designed buildings and open space. I also question why we push the Symphony and Quadrangle so much. While I too love them, our city needs more entertainment options. MGM can do only so much.







If you live in Downtown Springfield and wish to be featured in our “Living Springfield Downtown” series, feel free to fill out this questionnaire.

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