Springfield Songwriter and FAT Frontman Peter Newland, To Release Anthem Honoring Frontline Health Care Workers.

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Springfield songwriter releases anthem and video honoring frontline healthcare workers and launches gratitude initiative on National Nurses Day…


May 6th free live stream event will premiere both the song and video.


4/28/21 Springfield MA, Springfield singer-songwriter Peter J. Newland created a social media initiative # thxcrgvr (Thanks Caregiver) to make it easy for everyone to send messages of support, appreciation and love to frontline healthcare workers. Post a message of gratitude at thxcrgvr on Facebook and Instagram.


Newland says “When the pandemic was declared in March of 2020, foremost in my thoughts was the cohort of healthcare professionals and support staff upon whom the burden of care was going to fall.  Because of social media, we have had a remarkable window into what they are going through and how they are feeling. All of this has played out in a media climate that is dominated by a daily cycle of hyper events that have the effect of obscuring their remarkable work and sacrifice.”


Shortly after the pandemic was declared, Peter began writing a song about Covid 19. “I began writing Lean On Me\Stand By You when I realized the difficult times we were headed toward.” It was Newland’s belief that we were really going to need to support and care for one another to survive this crisis. He initially started writing about a young family confronting a health scare. “I shared it with Taylor Dunn, a writer friend of mine from Nashville, and he told me that he thought my scope was too narrow. He felt that the song had an anthemic quality and the possibility of a much broader appeal. I took his advice and re-wrote. The song told me what it wanted to be: A song for and about everyone with an emphasis on the frontline healthcare workers.” Once the rewrite was completed, he recorded it remotely with the help of A-List Nashville session guitar player Jeff King and his team and Grammy winning Producer/Engineer Matt McClure.  Taylor’s response: “You nailed it…. Now you have to make a video.”


This video was inspired by real life cell phone videos of frontline healthcare workers and news footage of crowds in New York and Paris standing on balconies and clapping, cheering, and singing to the frontline healthcare workers as their shifts ended. Peter says “Budget and Covid 19 restrictions prevented us from gathering and filming crowds so we had to find a way to do that virtually. Newland teamed up with West Springfield photographer/videographer Walt Steinmetz, Andrea Newland and David Newland to create the production team. The video stars Erin Greene Wallace from Greene Room Productions in Monson MA.


The song and video will premiere in a live streamed event from Total Eclipse Studios on National Nurses Day Thursday, May 6th at 7:00 pm. There will be a 45 minute live performance by Peter and his band RadioX followed by the first ever screening of the Lean On Me\Stand By You video.


The event will be streamed on both YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvE_iJNCXDb42gcg31wNb7Q


and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peter.newland.71


Contact: Peter J Newland (phone) 413-372-3989; (email) pjnewland1@comcast.net

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