A quintet whose members have been playing together about a quarter of their lives, LuxDeluxe steeps their music in classic rock waters and then adds a modern touch to create a near-perfect sound for just about anyone with ears. The Northampton based band makes catchy, straight-ahead rock’n’roll (with an emphasis on the roll) influenced by the likes of Wilco, The Rolling Stones, and most notably, the cult-favorite band NRBQ. Churning out high octane live shows that get the crowd sexy and sweaty, frontman Ned King performs with intensity and confidence. Flaunting like Bowie and shouting like Jagger, King creates a spectacle rarely seen since the hay-day of rock&roll. Supported by the incredible guitar work of Caleb Rosazza, the frantic, percussive clav of Gabe Bernini, and the perfectly locked in rhythm section of Jake Edwards and Jacob Rosazza, the band fires up like a rocket.

The group of three cousins and two friends released their second album, It’s a Girl, last year and joined Deer Tick onstage in Brooklyn, NY to cover all of NRBQs 1980 album Tiddly Winks before playing a hometown New Years Eve show in which former NRBQ guitarist Big Al Anderson joined them in concert. 2017 awaits the release of their third album “Let’s Do Lunch”. Comprised completely of songs tracked on a Tascam Four Track Cassette Recorder with overdubs recorded at Spirithouse Records in Northampton, MA. “Let’s Do Lunch” Puts the listener amongst the band during late night recording sessions, and at the heart of their influences.