Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Since 1998, the Springfield Business Improvement District (SBID) has aimed to be a driving force of economic, cultural, and social development in downtown Springfield.

The SBID’s mission is to facilitate growth within the downtown community and utilize resources efficiently. City revitalization will be achieved through increased marketing and visibility, partnerships with cultural organizations, keeping the streets safe and clean, improving and renewing infrastructure, and focusing on developing local business. Through these outlets, we aim to build a city which attracts a wide audience to live, work, and play.

Vision For The Near Future

There are many steps to be taken to continue to build Springfield as an even better place to live, work, and play. The Springfield BID’s passion for growing Springfield is the organization’s true core ideology. Every program implemented and every task undertaken keeps this top of mind. We have a commitment to community responsibility and banding together people of diverse backgrounds and experiences, and welcoming new employees, citizens, and visitors to Springfield.


Springfield BID initiatives

Marketing and Public Relations

We have identified that marketing and public relations will be an important tool to show why Springfield is a place people truly want to be. An easily accessible interactive map and way-finding tool has been integrated into this website, as well as positive news, a central community calendar, and business resources. Partnerships with local news outlets will be strengthened.

The Springfield BID is a supporting member of the Springfield Central Cultural District and has led the hiring and support of a new cultural director. The creation of this cultural district will enrich the existing arts within the downtown area and elevate Springfield as the cultural hub of Massachusetts. A volunteer network will also be organized to welcome new visiting groups to the city and showcase the many cultural and historical sites we already have.

The Springfield Central Cultural District

Clean and Safe

For years, the Clean & Safe program has proven to be a valuable program to businesses and a vital service of the Springfield BID. This support will carry on and continue to make Downtown attractive to visitors through sweeping sidewalks, removing graffiti, planting, watering, maintaining landscaping and hanging baskets, and providing some snow removal.

In addition to the beautification of downtown Springfield though the Clean & Safe program, the SBID has allocated money for the Architectural Lighting Program. This program will be used to highlight historical architecture through lighting. Paired with a new partnership with Western Massachusetts Electric Company’s energy efficiency program and DevelopSpringfield’s Corridor Storefront Improvement Program, we will create a warm corridor of light throughout the downtown.

Architectural Lighting Program

Pedestrian and Bicycle-friendly Improvements

Creation of an easily-understood way-finding system through varied outlets to better serve visitors who want to plan their trip to Springfield ahead of time. This will be in conjunction with improvements to pedestrian and bicycle-friendly improvements to the streets such as bicycle lanes, bicycle racks, and enhanced crossing zones to help create a safe environment for those traveling by foot.

The Business Improvement District ultimately works to develop business within the area. Some steps the SBID is taking include supporting combined marketing efforts and creating unique events to bring in visitors. Plus, working strategically to identify development sites, potential developers, and sources of funding to rehab or repurpose existing housing stock within the city. Market rate housing is important to developing the city as a place to live, work, and play.

Marketing Efforts and Unique Events