The Equalites

THE EQUALITES are a staple in the pioneer valley reggae scene, the band has been performing in the region for over 25 years!
In that time the band has had many different steady members, and the current incarnation has been together for going on 5 years and has a sound that moves people to the dance floor n more. With four part harmonies and excellent songwriting, sizziling guitar work, deep percussion, and a deep pocket of bass n drums… this is truly ‘a great band with killer reggae groove’. The music is at once reggae, roots music, blue beat, has jazz sensibilities, and much more!

The original compositions are performed in unforgettable fashion, and the covers they play of classic reggae and soul music have the Equalites polished unique stamp on them that make them sound like fresh goodness.

One way to describe the band could be ‘ the Band’ that plays in the style of ‘reggae n soul’, it has that merging of roots rock and roots reggae soul that makes the unique blend that is the EQUALITES

The band is lead by the prolific and accomplished –
David Boatwright, on lead vocals and guitar. Dave was a founding member of Loose Caboose and has played guitar and vocals in many other groups, he has released original music with the Equalites and is a true one of a kind musician. Some of his songs include “she makes a riddim”. “make a difference”, and “one summer night”. His melodies resonate deep with his voice, as do his unparalleled guitar snarl.