Panjabi Tadka

Panaji Tadka
[threecol_two]The Cuisine of India is characterized by it’s diverse use of spices, and by the use of a large variety of ingredients. Our menu has been selected to present those dishes, which truly reflect the culinary heritage of India. For the best dining experience, every dish is individually prepared to ensure freshness and quality. For those of you unfamiliar with Indian cuisine, all of the items on our menu are described in plain English. If you need further assistance, please ask our manager. We will be delighted to assist you.

[/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last] Phone: (413) 732-1453
Friday: 11:30AM–3PM – 5–10PM
Saturday: 11:30AM–3PM – 5–10PM
Sunday: 5 – 10PM
Monday: 11:30AM–3PM – 5–10PM
Tuesday: 11:30AM–3PM _ 5–10PM
Wednesday: 11:30AM–3PM – 5–10PM
Thursday: 11:30AM–3PM – 5–10PM


April 2016


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